Friday, June 16, 2006

ugh! where does the time go?

I spent the whole day scanning in slides for my class reunion. You know the OLD kind of slides that we had in 1996? Yeah, almost 200 of them. And my scanner isn't new either. Although it did a great job, once I figured out what I was doing, and once I let myself only scan in 4 at a time. It only took a good ten minutes for 4 of them to be scanned. I can't imagine how much easier this would have all been had they been digital files in the first place. Boy we sure have come a long way.

The ironic part? For some reason, the kid that is putting together a slide show; his email can't handle my puney little slides. So I get to mail him all the hard copies anyway.

maybe we haven't come a long way.

anyway for your viewing pleasure, and because I have only about 200 of them:

Yeah, I know it's backwards, but that gorgeous looking brunette is me. And some of my "friends" Yeah? My friends! No really, that great looking girl there in the front is my rebel buddy. She was with me when we got our first tattoo. What a sweetheart!

Here's me again, the goofy face in the sweater. yeah a silly tradition of singing the school hymn. Oh the memories are flooding back *snicker*

Here's our mighty football team. If I remember correctly we won 1 game. Our chear was "1 and 8, we'll take state!"

And our cool hockey team. I can't remember if we won a lot, but the games were fun, and man, those hockey players were COOL

Out of 200 or so slides, this is the only one I could find of ANYTHING to do with our drama department. This is our horse from when we did "Into the Woods". I was the giant. There is this line, that Jack sings....something refering to the Giant ....about being held next to her giant breast. Hmm, do you think I was teased about that?? um yeah. I'm sure with good cause. I hope. Also at the end, instead of saying "I think I see a glimer, it was reported that our baker would point to the cat walk (where I was) and sing " I think I see a Meemer" a proud moment for me. Anyway, you can tell this guy, he's a drama geek, check out the t-shirt. Phantom of the opera. And I'm pretty sure I know where he bought it. The same place I got mine.

And this is the extent of our music department show. One picture. well, this guy, he was pretty much the coolest guy I ever knew.

I'm having so much fun, but the only other pictures are of football, soccer, baseball, track, swimming. And I am so not in any of those pictures. Hey, this is my blog and I don't have to put anything that I don't want to.

So there ya go. A day wasted for me, and probably a good 5 minutes wasted for you.


Stacy said...

Are you going to your reunion NOW? lol With all those fun memories flooding through your mind...

Meemer said...

No, I'm going to be in Nauvoo!

Angela said...

I think that is great that you spent the day thinking about the past. Whenever I think of my high school days, I smile.