Friday, April 25, 2008

dear mr. and mrs birdy,

it was so nice to see you lately! i've been watching you out the window and you seem so intent on something. it looks as if spring is wonderful for you. you look as if you are ready to increase your family yet again! i think it's awfully funny how you torment my poor dog, but you are much too quick for her. please don't mind my curious kids, and go about your daily stuff.

and i just want to add, that i hope we are going to be good neighbors. i hope we can get along well enough to talk to each other, gossip about the other neighbors. in fact, why don't we get together for a nice barbecue? lets say....saturday? why don't you bring the kids?

see you soon!



Steve Ballmer said...

I love your pictures, good blog!
I just hope you use Vista!

Goat Girl said...

Oh nice!!!

Megan said...

Lol at bring the kids to the bbq. That really is cool. How the heck did they get the nest in there? I am impressed by those little birds.

Goat Girl said...

Hey I tagged you!

Stacy said...

That is pretty amazing! You should share that SPRING pix! ;)