Thursday, April 17, 2008

i killed it

have you noticed i haven't been around? maybe i was just ignoring the fact that i said i was going to blog on tuesday, and then never did. maybe. but the truth is, i totally killed my computer. or maybe harry killed it.

we had decided to get motivated to clean up the house before my friend arrived. i decided to play "sweeney todd" from my itunes. (isn't itunes the coolest?!) i had decided to play it because that is what my 7 year old wanted to hear. i don't know if i'd call him really weird or what. anyway, just as that annoying whistle thing sounded, the computer died. it shut down. it just stopped. i couldn't get it to turn back on.

i spent the rest of the day fretting about all my pictures that i haven't backed up, and hoping a bit that big d would get me a smancey new lap top. he didn't, but i didn't loose my pictures either.

my brother in law saved the day. he had an old power supply thing that is what my computer needed. he gave it to us, big d installed and it totally works. i'm pretty happy about that. of course i'm leery of playing "sweeney todd" again.

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Anonymous said...

Always glad to come to the rescue. I am glad the power supply worked. I know how hard not having a computer is.