Sunday, April 06, 2008

i spent friday night with a bunch of my MOF's. a lot of really great women who accept me as me. a lot of friends who really cared about what i am going through.

can i just say how energizing it was.

i got home a bit after midnight, and although big d had fussy duty (they were both asleep) i couldn't stop talking. it could have been the coke talking....but it was wonderful. i feel so released. i feel so much better.

and even when things got a bit hairy yesterday, i was able to think back to my MOF's and all the encouragement and advice.

so thanks, My Online Friends. thanks for being there when my In Real Life Friends have ditched. you guys are seriously WONDERFUL.

check out one of my friends, for a great pic!


big d said...

i'm glad it was fun! i had fun with the boys too! good times for all!

jd said...

Found you through the little MOF's on Steph's blog! it Sounds like so much fun!

Katie said...

I miss my mof's. I need to come and now I can!

Megan said...

You are so fun. I had a great time too.