Friday, April 11, 2008

just some updates

well, sort of.

my geeky kids.

i've decided that i only have one geeky kid. the oldest is still watching star trek movies. he is still building space ships out of legos. the middle child? not so much. he puts up with harry's movie choice, only if there is nothing else to do. harry has insisted on watching them in order. he hasn't yet watched the last one, but i'm sure it's on his radar for today. it's going to kill him that data dies. ah well. it was a crappy movie anyway....

those pesky birds.

they are driving my dog nuts. she sits on the deck watching for them, and when they poke their heads out, she goes nuts barking. it's getting really annoying. i mean, we have the squaking of the birds, and then the barking of the dog.

long lost friends.

one of my sweet friends gave me a call this morning. it was neat. we decided to get together on tuesday. i'm going to take some pictures to remember this by. and maybe post them here. i'm all about feeling special today.

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Kelsey-boo said...

when i was there i didn't hear the birds...lex was outside pretty much the whole time.