Thursday, July 31, 2008

hand hoof and mouth

i mean, hand, foot and mouth disease.

yeah, it's a disease. ever heard of it. i have. my older two got it several years ago when chilly was just a baby. it was easter when harry came down with this amazingly high fever. it continued for weeks i tell ya. insane misery.

fussy came down with this really weird diaper rash a couple of days ago. i didn't know exactly what it was, only that he wasn't happy. then i noticed a huge mouth sore on his tongue. then i noticed he wasn't sleeping at all. then i noticed that he had these little pimples on his feet and hands. then i was sleep deprived and it took a long time before i put it all together.

he never fevered though. so that was nice. although it might have been nice to know that he was sick before i towed him everywhere. okay, before i took him out to walmart. but it is walmart and you kind of expect childhood illnesses there, right?

could they come up with a dumber name for an illness though? i mean, you know what it is from it's name, not like chicken pox, or measles or something. but at least that was inventive. instead we got the butt version of foot and mouth. yuck. wish me luck that it wont get any worse and that i can start to at least get more than 20 minutes of sleep at a time. i'm not complaining, mostly because composing a coherent sentence it taking all my concentration.


Laurel said...

wow..that is a really lame name. I hope he gets better soon! (and that you get some sleep, too)

The black sheep said...

awww, dude, that sucks! poor kid. My students get it once in a while too. :( I'm sorry Meems, hope you get some rest.

smart mama said...

amen to stupidest name!Such a wierd illness ot- the foot rash is kind of funny