Monday, July 14, 2008

okay, the post you've been waiting for

well, probably not.

in all reality, it's what we've been up too. why i've been gone from my trusty best friend computer. i wish i had more pictures to explain more things, but this is just going to have to do.


harry's 2nd grade school program. he's down front and center. he actually had a speaking part, which he did very well. he's come a long way from preschool baby, where he sat with his back to the audience the entire time.

did i mention that our video camera died that night? well, it did. what is it with us and electronics? i was super bummed because the next day was of course, the wasatch back for me. and i didn't get any of it on film.

this is three of 2nd grade classes. can you find harry? he' pretty tall!

this is fussy and me on the conservation carousel at the zoo. he did not like it. he screamed. he cried. and it was almost a minute long. ah poor kid. the things we do to our children.

just messing around before the family came to town. yeah, we have a problem with that? that's right.

"hey big d, can you take my picture real quick?" i know, actual pictures of me on my blog...what has the world come too?

and farmer jed....

harry's baptism. doesn't he look handsome? and, i swear he's grown several inches already this summer. maybe not, but he just seems so big to me.
okay, i don't know who took this picture of fussy at the baptism. oh, probably me. oh well, he was so cute playing on grandma's lap, eating her jewelry.
here's my whitey tighty men. all ready to dunk the kid. well, i think they are both pretty cute. and skinny. for more of the story, check out big d's bloggy
what we've been doing at home since....yeah, that's right, playing game cube.
it's kept chilly quiet when fussy's been asleep. especially this last week when fussy was super duper sick.

and this is my lil' cub scout. i don't know a thing about what is going on in these pictures, i wasn't there ...

i'm thinking he's making fire here. it's a great picture though, huh?

i don't approve of this picture. shooting of guns???!!! ah well, i guess i should be voting republican? or, maybe he's the next chuck heston?

just a nice picture....

so there you have it. i am missing a whole sloade of pictures from the family reunion. ah well, i think you get the idea. we really have been busy. i am hoping for some down time for the kids as well as for me. fussy seems to be feeling better, and it would be great to just spend some lazy days at home, right?


Trisha said...

hey that stinks about the camera. maybe you should vote republican?
ha ha ha ha
i like your sexy pictures... more than a friend should



big d said...

that's funny. i was going to blog about cub scout day camp, but ran out of time... i guess it's ok to double up... right?

Star said...

Do you give all your chickens that much attention, or is that your favorite one? I think you should give them all equal space on the blog. Great pics, it looks like you are having a busy summer. And I agree with Trisha, you're hot!

Laurel said...

Cute pictures! Harrison looks so handsome!

The black sheep said...

what family reunion? why am I the last to know. Oh yeah cuz I'm the black sheep duhhh.LOL