Wednesday, July 16, 2008

on running....again...

i signed up for the wasatch back 2008 in october of 2007. only...what...8 months before the race? i worked really hard. i ran almost every day. it was always in my mind, at the back or the front..."i'm going to rock the wb!"

week after week, month after month, i upped my miles, figured out fuel, found hydration. my month of may, training wise, consisted of over 200 miles. i ran them all. it was pretty amazing that i was able to do that. i payed for it. my hip started bugging me, and i was dead bored, tired, worn out from running.

then came the race.

then came after the race. i felt so relieved that a major stress was gone. but i was still worn out, and my hip was hurting. i tried downplaying my hip telling people that i just need a week off. but i wasn't so sure myself. it was bad.

i did take the week after the race off. i ran one week after, and although my hip killed me the entire time, i told myself it was getting better. then we had a family reunion and i totally NEEDED my running time. i needed to get out and pound out my frustrations. every time i did, i came home feeling depressed. i was concerned that my hip/leg/knee issue was never going to get better. and i was taking a lot of ibuprofen.

then fussy got sick. and i was really tired. and the air was bad. and i wanted to stay in bed all day. and the kids were out of school. and i didn't get a run in. for a whole week. i felt bad because i really wanted too, i was too tired though. and i was sick of running. and i wasn't training for anything, was i?

after taking a whole week off, i found my groove again. big d and i are back again at running early in the morning. it feels great. my hip isn't bugging me. at. all. my legs are sore, but i haven't run seriously for over 3 weeks...

and the best part? i payed my money for wasatch back 2009. it feels so good to have a goal again. only this time, not only am i going to rock the wb, i'm going to do it faster and stronger. i know what i need to do now. i know what it is all about. i'm going to be so ready for it. in about 11 months.

it came to me, that is why everyone thinks runners are nuts. they kill themselves time after time, doing these amazing races. working on speed and hills and all that. in all honesty, they are just trying to stay motivated.


Trisha said...

I do think you're crazy. utterly. but it's cool and i'm jealous so don't kill yourself getting ready.

The black sheep said...

My fat Butt ran after the Icecream truck today, I had to use my inhailer, but the chaco taco was so worth the 5 feet sprint. Yummmm

One Crazy Family said...

You may be crazy but we all still love you

Thanks for the letting the kids hang out with you on tuesday. They so love their auntie meemer and their cousins.

Megan said...

I'm glad your hip is feeling better. I totally need a race to stay motivated too. I don't think I'd do it otherwise. I'm too dang lazy. You will totally rock the WB next year. You're pretty much amazing.