Wednesday, July 23, 2008

what we've learned this summer?

the air museum where some random volunteer proceeded to follow us around and tell us old wwII stories. did you know, the white cliffs of dover are pretty cool? and we learned that mom knows next to nothing about airplanes. only maybe that certain ones are referred to as jets.

chilly, getting chilled. he now knows that air conditioning is heaven sent.

harry, protecting our country, learning that he can barely fit into a model
chilly, being cheesy, learning how to disassemble "guns"
strapped in and ready to fly , maybe in a year or two (or 3 feet)

onward and upward, even when you don't want to, it's nice to smile for mom

cheesin it with the space guy in a helicopter, who apparently did something great at some time

looking presidential in lady bird's air force one, i guess first ladies get smaller planes? how does that make any sense? oh and chilly learned that mom will get a picture for future use when they do become president

and the zoo. where not all wild animals are kept in cages. we learned about not wearing slippery shoes, we learned not to trust the zoo food to be open, and we learned that it gets dang hot in utah in july. thank goodness they had those little misty things.

fussy. before he fell and scraped his face up

being good is not an option

yeah but do you bite?
3 boys with bad lighting and a fairly lame "show" equals good photo ops

yeah, that's right, that's a possum, and they are the only rodents in north america with a pouch. sounds like he's got a bad habit?

most of our learning takes place at home:

giving mom chiropractic care. 3 boys 60ish, 50 ish and 20 ish pounds= good back breaking fun?

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The black sheep said...

awww, dog pile on mom!!!!! I so would have farted.:)