Tuesday, July 29, 2008

some things i've learned

people love free stuff:
i mean, i do too, but i thought maybe i was the only one. i recently listed some free stuff on craigslist. and to see the people call and come out was crazy. it was interesting that someone 1 hour away wanted us to hold onto something for him. yeah, we'll call ya!

chocolate cake
pioneer woman cooks had a texas sheet cake. i decided to make my own hand me down recipe. i really love chocolate cake. all the time. and when my kids ask if they can have some, i really don't want to share.

old movies:
harry is so enchanted with "old" movies. okay, so the movies that i used to watch when i was a kid. back to the future is his current favorite. and you know what, they really don't make movies like that anymore.


The black sheep said...

Cool, see if Harry would like never ending story and labyrinth too, they seem to always be a hit.:)

Meemer said...

he like labyrinth a lot. in fact walmart had in on during one of our many shoppping visits. i was going to buy nevereending story too. i thin kwe borrowed those from the library. cheap, i know!