Friday, July 25, 2008

pioneer day

in honor of our pioneer heritage....our new tradition:

our home made fire pit

the older boys decided to dress up pioneer style and make toys out of day lily leaves

cooking our dinner. big d and i have no real experience cookin' dutch oven style. as you can probably tell.

roasting turkey dogs, because pioneers ate lots of turkey dogs

notice our feast...a little overdone?

after the gourmet dinner, we went for a trek. to our local maverick for icee's and ice cream sandies. then we trekked back home to roast mallows and light fireworks....

roasting mallows

notice how i'm pretty much obsessed with the chocolate? yeah, you got a problem with that?

chilly throwing magic dust on the fire. our magic dust was sawdust from big d cutting up our wood.

do they both have their tongues out? i think so. yum, roasted mallows and s'mores

notice the baby asleep on my lap?

enjoying our cooked sugar

is it just me, or does this look a little satanic? red eyes, a pitchfork? i dunno.....

mmmmmm, finger lickin' good


big d said...

that was a great pioneer day!

too much fun/sugar/past bedtime!

Anonymous said...

can't imagine where they get that tongue out thing... until you look two pictures down :)

looks like a fun day!

Trisha said...

FUN. i'm kindof looking for some sort of tradition thing for the 24th to start. I'm actually looking for ANY traditions for ANY of the holidays to start! i bet your chilluns will remember this years 24th. especially the trekking. did you guys pull them in handcarts? ha ha.
happy pioneer day to ya!

sweetpea said...

What fun ideas, and a great day!

The black sheep said...

Thanks...Now I am hungry and all I have is expired goat cheese and moldy grapes. I wanna do that the next time I go see you guys!!!!

Laurel said...

That's a pretty cool idea! We need more original traditions like that!

Megan said...

Well, I was gonna say that looks like such a fun tradition, but everyone else already did. So I'll say that I like your pink shoes and headband. Cause I do.