Thursday, July 17, 2008

what came first? the chicken or

the freaking huge egg?
the four eggs on the right are all regular sized chicken eggs. like the ones that you would buy in a store. that is the usual size of egg that our chickens lay.
big d found this egg yesterday while checking for eggs from our chickens. this is by far the biggest egg we've seen yet. i think i feel bad for the chicken who laid it.
from left to right....regular chicken egg...big chicken egg....freaking huge chicken egg from a chicken who can't sit now.
my amazed children

i think it is probably at least, a triple yoker
mmm....scrambled egg anyone?

regular chicken egg....freaking huge chicken egg from a gimpy chicken

i think this is a nice shot of my nose. and the freaking huge chicken egg.


Laurel said...

oooh...OUCH! those are some awesome shots!

The black sheep said...

dude........I only hope you gave that chicken a heating pad and some hemrroid cream.

Megan said...

That is some egg. And some talented chicken you've got there.

Matt, Amber, and Berlyn said...

ouch poor chicken!!!