Tuesday, July 29, 2008

i miss my parents

i've spent the last few days wandering around my house. every couple of hours or so, i pick up my phone and start to dial. i put the phone back down realizing that, in fact, my mom and dad are out of town. i feel sort of like a loser at this point.

i didn't realize how much i talk to my mom. how much i need her. i don't talk to her everyday. but i had several moments this week that i wanted to ask her a question. like what the rash was on fussy's bum. how to make something in a dutch oven. what her recipe for such and such was.

i wonder if my parents miss me like i miss them. probably not. they probably are enjoying their vacation away from all my stupid phone calls!

then that stupid quote about mother and sons comes to my mind. and then i get all sad again.
"a daughter is a daughter for life, a son is a son until he takes a wife".


The black sheep said...

awwww, they will be back soon. don't worry. I would miss my parents when they went away, but they leave me a huge list about how to take care of there house and all the chores I have to do while they are gone, on top of taking care of my own home...then I miss em a bit less.

Megan said...

I totally get this. I love when that mother/daughter bond is strong. My mom ran out of minutes on her cell and I feel trapped not being able to call her up. I miss my mom too sometimes.

Blackeyedsue said...

I'm sorry about that quote and bringing it up the other night. Are we still friends?

You can call me ANYTIME!

Kelsey-boo said...

aww c'mon tai and i were there! mom might have known a thing or two too. you can call us a lot too!

big d said...

sorry... i can't seem to get my "boys" to understand the whole x y chromosome thing.

One Crazy Family said...

They will be home in a few hours.

Trisha said...

i like your mom too. do you know what? just the other day i was thinking about her. she gave me a bracelet for a graduation present. at the time i thought it was nice and cool, but i didn't think much of it. i have thought about that gift more than a few times since i've had kids and it means more to me now. i want so badly for mia and truman to have as wonderful a friend as i did in you growing up. i just ache about it (prematurely, obviously) about it sometimes. i didn't realize the love your mom had for you then -and how kind and loving she was towards me as well. of course i didn't, i was a kid. but now i do and i think your mom is great. could you tell her that for me? thanks.
i should have just sent an email.
sorry about hogging your comment space.