Monday, July 21, 2008

it's the little things in life...

finding a quarter on the road during my daily run

licking the carmel off the pan

knowing what to make for dinner

getting someone else to make dinner

getting that booger from out of my baby's nose

the crusty cheese that spilled onto the pan while making a quesadilla

all the lego's have been picked up

watching an artsy movie with big d

3 more weeks of summer

talking to my mom on the phone

fresh fruit


snuggles from my kids

staying up late talking to big d

add yours...


The black sheep said...

Awww those are so sweet. okay okay, mine are:

the smell of hot coffee
A few absent kids
rainy day recess
days off
watching the lizards eat pinki mice.

taking pictures
goth music
vampire flicks
Japaneese flicks
finding chocolate when I have p.m.s
waking up with a clear face.
pretty boys
sleeping in late
ashley in my lap
playing scrabble with my parents
okay I'm done. LOL

Laurel said...

-finishing a really good book
-climbing into bed with clean sheets
-looking into my boys' eyes and knowing I'm their mom
-running my fingers over the piano keyboard and remembering what it was like to be really good at something
-talking to my sister on the phone and feeling 12 again
-sunny days
-planning a vacation with my parents
-getting everything done on my to-do list
-eating half a tray of brownies
-finding the perfect piece of clothing for less than $5
-getting mail