Wednesday, March 01, 2006

After the shopping cart trauma, we came home and decided to relax. Watch the Amazing race. So the kids got ready for bed, and hubby and I did our best to vegetate. . Hubby decided a craving of chips and salsa should be satisfied. Remember this dear friends, salsa has vinegar, and he ate a fair amount. So he munched. I found some left over pixy sticks from valentines day. We enjoyed our time. It was nice. In between Harry needing this or that, and me finishing my 10 loads of laundry, it actually was a relaxing time.

Enter that night. 2:00am. Hubby and I are still suffering from our cold. Hubby has a nasty cough, so he took an expectorant before bed. He is up coughing. And it sounds like he might have a small rodent in his chest. Horrible sound. Of course he is miserable. Chilly has already joined me for the night, and he's laying on my arm. I know that if I move him, he'll wake up, and the rest of the night will be trying to get him back to sleep. So miserably I listen to hubby as he coughs up junk. Pretty soon he's rummaging around the house. He's got heartburn. Do we have any antacid? I doubt it. I haven't needed any since I was calving with Chilly. Quick remedy comes to mind. Hubby's dad always takes a teaspoon of baking soda for heartburn. (it's 3 am by this time, I'm tired and I don't know what I am thinking). I tell hubby to try some baking soda.

He goes off to the kitchen. I'm drifting on and off. Chilly is sound asleep, and I feel I should be too. It is quiet. All is well. The eyes close. Suddenly I hear puking. Violent puking. Multiple times. WTH! I'm afraid that hubby is sick, and if I run downstairs into a scene of horrible vomit everywhere, I will be too. So I grit my teeth and wait. I hear the toilet flush, it seems whoever is puking is done. Next thing I know, hubby is walking into the room, getting his toothbrush. I ask him if he feels better. "YES!!" Did you throw up? "YES".

Hmmm, my brain is wondering what happened. Maybe dinner was bad, maybe the salsa was bad??? I don't know. I ask him if he did the baking soda thing. OH yeah he says. He says he started burping up foam, and more foam, so he ran to the bathroom, and started throwing up. I asked him how much baking soda did he ingest?

"I don't know, I just poured some into a glass, mixed in some water and drank it. It was like a slurry".

I started laughing. Does anyone else remember 5th grade science, when the coolest thing in the world was making your own volcano with vinegar and baking soda. Apparently it still works.

It did get rid of his heartburn. Miraculously, it also rid us of 3 hours of sleep.


big d said...

this is a little slanted... if you want full details, including a defense of my actions, read my side of the story on my blog:

Rachelle said...

Oh yuck!

Taffi said...

Oh my gosh, that is hilarious! Sorry Mr. Meemer, but that's just funny.

Meemer said...

I totally agree with Taffi!