Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I probably shouldn't pretend anymore, because ...

I'm not 19. I still feel that old, even if I've got two boys. I've been married 8 years. I've got a 10 year class reunion this year. But I still feel like a teenager. Sometimes I wish I could act like a teenager, moody, irresponsible...That kind of thing.

I like classic rock. I can't get into all this new bubble gum American idol crap. Sorry. I'm a true die hard Beatles fanatic. I enjoy Pink Floyd, Kansas, Led Zepplin. I prefer my old man's music to my husbands choice of "alternate". Of course I also have a vast library of musicals to my name. Interesting paradox.

I really like to eat candy. Not just candy, but pastries too. I just can't ignore the fact that I am always on the lookout for the next sugar score. No wonder I can't fit into those jeans I once painted to look like hippy pants. I can't fit into the fat jeans I wore after I gave birth. I guess I'm going to be "big boned" for the rest of my days. At least I'll die with brownie points.

I honestly don't know how to sing. I try, you know, in my shower, in the car. But when your 5 year old and 2 year old hold their hands over their ears and yell at mommy to stop...Well, you get the idea.

I'm not destined to be a professional actor, painter, photographer, dancer, or any other artistic genius. I always thought I would be. I know, I can always still dream about it, but I probably shouldn't be telling people I've got all these amazing SKILZ. Of course I DO have super mom powers, but that is top secret. Professional MOM? Never heard of it.

I buy more things online than I do at the store. Hmm, could I just be anti-social? Maybe I'm just lazy. Oh well, I enjoy my online shopping spree's. I enjoy getting packages in the mail. The thrill of hunt, comparing prices, shipping times. Oh, it is glorious to me. And I'm not really spending money, right?
Well, there ya go.


ShelahBooksIt said...

You're only having your 10th reunion this year? You're still a young'un!

I, on the other hand, am truly old.

Rachelle said...

My 10th reunion was a few years ago. I am so old. And I buy things online more than anywhere else too.

Stacy said...

Mine was last year... but you knew that already.
Good luck on the organizing!