Friday, March 17, 2006

I know you've been missing my posts, but there really wasn't a lot I could do.
You see Blogger has been down.

I know you've been wanting to hear from me for two days,
I'm really sorry to report,
but Blogger has been down.

You have missed out on pointless funny stories and touching moments.
Ah, too bad you missed it all,
but you know,
Blogger has been down.

I'll try to fill you in as much as I can,
but since Blogger was down,
I didn't blog,
I have nothing for you.


I don't mean sorry,
I meant to say that Bogger has been down.

So if you got that silly error message,
don't beat your computer up in frustration,
I got it too.
You know that Blogger has been down.


big d said...

it didn't let me do anything one day either. of course no one noticed...

Meemer said...

I noticed. And I'm everybody right?

Stacy said...

Mine is STILL not working - at least it looks all funny. Grrrrrrr!