Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I really dread getting up in the morning. I remember having to get up and go to work (at a library, no less) at 10am, and I thought that was insane. Early in our married life, we used to stay up nightly until 2 am! What did we do?? Well, we didn't have kids, so the possibilities were endless-

But now I've got kids. Neither of them are early morning risers, on occasion they break the 7 am rule, but for the most part, we are good. If the mood hits them both right, they can even make it past 8 on the weekend.

However, now that Harry attends the local public elementary school, morning life has become a bit more You see, besides the fact that I don't want to get up, Harry doesn't want to get out of his bed either. He is becoming a master at dawdling in his covers, waiting for me to physically drag him out of his bed. Don't get me wrong, on the odd occasion, I'll look in there and see him already dressed, bed made and a happy smile. Most mornings, I peek my head in, he's sitting on his floor , bum naked, staring off into some sort of hazy realm. What is even more funny is when I look in on him and he's naked, sitting on the heat vent trying to get warm. I've told him a good idea is to actually get clothes on, but he insists that the best approach is to sit, buck naked, on a cold metal vent cover, under the drafty window trying to capture the heat with his leg hairs. See, he doesn't wake up well either.

Now Chilly on the other hand, he wakes up with a smile. Of course!! He wakes up in my bed. On my pillow. In my blankets. Chilly has become the master at kicking me out of my bed. We have a king size bed, which is good, because without it, I would be sleeping on the floor. He consistently wiggles to push me off. I have a nice big pillow, you know, big enough for two? Nope, he snuggles me right off of it. I end up sleeping on the bump in the middle of the mattress with my head stretching to abnormal limits, trying to keep a grip on the closest corner of my pillow. NO wonder I am a such a morning grump. See, Chilly knows how to get a good night sleep. He usually wakes up refreshed and ready for the day.

The moment I say "good morning" to Chilly dear, he just smiles. His eyes are closed and he looks as if he is enjoying a peaceful slumber. But he will always smile. Harry hears "good morning", and dives back under his covers and groans at me.

Or worse, throws something at me.


lackrik said...

LOL! We are So not morning people here. I dread when dd starts 1st grade next year.

big d said...

just 'cause i get up at six, doesn't mean i like it! i still hate mornings and hope that when the kids are old enough to sleep in, that i still can! as much as i dread the thought, irony will probably turn me into your parents!


Stacy said...

Chilly = Chris and Harry = Me! lol