Wednesday, March 29, 2006

We have 4 chickens, and a dog.

The previous owners of our current home had chickens. 4 of them. All my life I wanted to live on a farm, apparently, as I have always asked big d if I could have chickens, or a goat, or a cow, or whatever. So imagine my joy when the owners of the house, asked if we wanted to keep the chickens. Oh yeah.

so they lay eggs. Yummy fresh brown eggs. The are just getting back into laying after a couple of months off. I'm no slave driver, I figure if it is winter, I don't' want to do much. But now I've insisted that they begin the production back up. The average was 3 eggs a day. One chicken either doesn't know how, or she thinks she's the rooster. Whatever. 3 is good for us, it keeps our supply up, and I don't have to buy the store ones. Of course, we have done the math and feeding our chickens amounts to the eggs being about twice what you would pay in the store. Oh well, you can imagine how much fun we have checking the coop everyday and bringing in a fresh egg.

It seems that they are starting to get spring fever, and I found two eggs in the coop today. They had almost buried them, so I'm thinking they aren't ready to let go. To bad, I made muffins yesterday and I'm running low on eggs. So I grab em, and stick them on the porch. I had found that my porch mat had blown over in the wind, so I went to pick it up, and since it had been raining, there were about a million worms. Chicken's like worms, so I load them up in the bucket and feed them to the chickens, leaving my eggs unattended.

Can you guess what happened? Yeah, my faithful loving pooch decided the eggs where hers. So I get back to take the eggs in the house, only they aren't there. The dog, it seems likes to play fetch with the eggs, and she brought me one of them. After yelling and giving her a stern look, I look around for the other one. I can't find it anywhere. I don't have a big yard, and there's not much there seeing that it is spring. I am getting frustrated looking for a stupid egg.

I finally give up after taking about 4 laps around my yard. I guess she just ate it. So I take the one in the house (better one than none) wash it, and put it in the fridge. I went upstairs for something, opened my blinds and looked out just in time to see my dog un-burying an egg. The thief! She knew what I was looking for, and she knew to hide it. She picked it up delicately in her mouth and went under the kids slide to break it open and eat it.

That is the smartest behavior that dog has exhibited yet!


ShelahBooksIt said...

So the muffins will have to wait until tomorrow. Dogs are even worse than kids, I swear!

big d said...

she better have a shiny, healthy coat!

Stacy said...

lol We only have an annoying whining cat. She doesn't eat anything but cat food - even if we try!

Taffi said...

What a sneaky little thing! LOL Makes me miss my DaisyDog.

Lei said...

Thank you, you have proved me right about dogs. :)

Rachelle said...

LOL! Smart dog. How lucky are you to have fresh eggs regularly?