Friday, March 31, 2006

I guess I just can't have another kid.

It's the space issue. Oh , I've got plenty of bedrooms, more than enough bathrooms. Heck, there is even a playroom.

I don't have enough food storage space.

I just bought 100 pound of wheat. And by the calculations, that is not near enough to last me a year for my family of 4. We also invested in some water containers, you know, the big blue ones. We have two, and for our family, we need like 10. I've got cans of green beans, and cans of chili. I've got pears that I canned myself. I've got boxes of cereal, oatmeal, powdered milk. Sugar, flour, rice, and now a bunch of wheat.

My little cold storage room is too full to add another kid-

Of course if I cleaned my storage room out, and took all the toys I am hiding from my boys back, then I'd have enough space. Although if I did that, we'd need another play room.

See there just isn't enough space.

You understand, I just need an excuse not to feel too down on myself. This is the best thing I've come up with, so I'm running with it. It was helping, although, now I feel guilty that I don't have enough food storage.


Stacy said...

((((HUGS)))) Can I send you some $$$ for some Krsipy Kremes? That always seems to help me!

big d said...

at least we finally have some emergency prep stuff!

smartmama said...

maybe next child could eat only freeze dried?? no bulky, heavy wheat-- Kids are short--- maybe you could hang it from the playroom ceiling-they only need the bottom half of the room???

emlouisa said...

Hey, I'm impressed you have THAT much! We have hardly any food storage. I'm attempting to start though in the next few months!

PS..join Cosa MOFstra, puhlease! I'm not going to quit bugging you! :)

Rachelle said...

I need to get some more emergency stuff. And when are you going to join the MOFstra so I can link to your blog more easily?

Lei said...

rofl on the punchline...

we are looking, looking for a way to add storage to our kitchen for food storage!

hugs, it'll happen!!!