Sunday, March 26, 2006

so I did it.

I broke out the capris and the flip flops. I even wore a spring-y skirt to church today. I skipped the pantyhose and wore some cute summer shoes.

I sat in the chapel freezing me arse off.

No matter what the callendar says, it is still winter here in Utah.


big d said...

i know. it sucks! you looked really cute though!

Stacy said...

Thanks for the spray milk out of your nose lol!!! I'm doing that now, too. Rain - sun - hail - sun - rain - wind - sun - rain... all in the SAME DAY!!! So it's just as bad in Seattle!

Rachelle said...

Totally still winter! I'm wearing a sweater today. It has to get a bit warmer for me to pull out my warm stuff. Go you!

Sunny said...

I know! I'm so desperate for summer, then it went and snowed on Sunday! I was so furious at the weather, lol!