Monday, March 06, 2006

Haircut Day

I am the primary hair stylist in our house. Big D needs a haircut, so I cut it. Not a big deal. The boys need a trim, here I am. Well, several days ago, my sweet 5 year old begged me to cut his hair. Cut his hair short. Like dad. Now don't get me wrong, I love boys that look like boys and so forth, but my little boys had the most beautiful hair. Natural highlights and beautiful color. You know, like the shampoo commercials you see on TV, only on a little boy. So it got a little long at times...So what, you could still tell they were boys...Almost

So Harry approaches me with the idea of cutting his hair. Up until now, my boys have both sported the "bowl' cut. Although I never did use a bowl. Lately I have been letting it grow out even longer. Okay, it was more like an overgrown bowl cut. Very cute. So I get the scissors and the clippers and prepare to shave my gorgeous brunette. Worried that he might change his mind, mid-shearing, I make sure that he is okay with the thought that he might be bald for a few weeks. He is cool with the thought

Now, a little history here. When I was pregnant with Chilly, Harry was 2 1/2, and his hair was getting long. Acknowledging I needed to cut it, I sat him down and proceeded to clipper up the sides and back. Well, the clippers got away from me, Harry squirmed, and BAM... he had a very short hairstyle for several months. I remember bawling my eyes out because he looked so horrible. So abused-by-clippers horrible. Eventually it grew out, and I fixed it. So imagine my horror today, as I buzzed the back, and slipped. Yup, most of the side of his head the hair was gone.... history always repeats itself right?

Funny thing is, he loves it. He thinks it is so grown up. I don't mind it, other than it makes his head look small.

Then Chilly gets his turn. He doesn't want to get his hair cut, but then he decides a cut like his brother's is cool. So I did it the same. Well, almost the same, more weed-wacked than chemo-cut. They both are still cute, but the blond is now gone. *sigh* I guess it couldn't last forever.


Stacy said...

Oh, Marinda! They look absolutely adorable! I am going to be in the same shoes here in a few days... I'll have to cut off B's baby curls! Not something I am looking forward to. (thankfully Lisa will be doing it so I don't have to!) But way to go on the GREAT cuts you did!!!

Rachelle said...

YOu did a great job on their hair. They are so cute!