Saturday, March 04, 2006

Saturday at the auction

Well, another Saturday has come and gone. Our feet are tired, the boys are getting ready for bed with a much needed bath. The house is a disaster from our hurried departure.

We got up early (for a Saturday) and off we went to an auction. An auction? Yeah, an estate auction. Have you ever been? Then don't judge until you have gone to one. No we didn't buy a valuable antiques, or any paintings of worth. Heck, we didn't even buy furniture. What we originally went for was a ladder, a kiln, a snowblower. Those items went higher than we wanted to pay. Anything over $5 is too rich for our blood.

The auctions is where we buy all of our household needs. And we needed this one. A deep fryer. Yes everything is used, and sometimes they don't work, but we got a nice deep fryer for $5. We also got some 70's melmack for our meetyhome (motorhome), and some sweet glass measuring cups, a canner, a teapot and muffin tins, and some assorted other kitchen stuff. What was the total damage done $12.

$12 and a nice time. The boys played with toys and we watched people bid on assorted tacky 70's felt paintings. We ate cheap jelly beans. WE watched as people payed 20-50 for a single silver dollar, or $8 for a stinking ceramic dog. It was fabulous. It was entertaining. It was a day at the auctions. We came home and made won tons, with our new deep fryer. Life is great.

The only thing better than a day at the auction is a yard sale.


big d said...

actually the only thing better than an auction is several yard sales!

Stacy said...

I want to go to one of those with you! Maybe there will be one the next time we come down!

Meemer said...

I hope so stacy. I love me a good auction. Whatever you need, or don't need, you can find it there!!